Thursday, March 3, 2011

Let it begin!

So the days of my off and on Balrog posting at Bimactive came to an end several months ago. I've had more than one hiatus from running and lifting, but now its time to get back in it, and if you made it through the title of the blog, you can see I'm gonna take it to the next level. I want to be faster, stronger, leaner and meaner than I've ever been. This is gonna take ALOT of work, and I will be using this blog as my personal crutch. At this point I haven't set my goals in cement, but I'm working on it. If you were to read my notes, you might see scratchings like "sub 2 hour half marathon" or "Benchpress 315lbs". I'm not putting all my eggs in the running basket, its not my strong point, and its not my desire. Running is just the universal measure of endurance and I feel it is imperative to load up at least half my basket with it. Sprinkle in some cycling, a dash of swimming and top it off with a heavy dose of lifting and I'll have one healthy meal to munch on. The bottomline, I'm out to stay fit and train hard.

Tonight I finally set up all my weightlifting equipment that has been piled in the basement. An hour and half of cleaning an bolting pieces together and I was able to officially open up "The Dungeon". I started out with the basics, some bench presses, skull crushers and incline bench dumbell presses. I was very pleased to see I can still bench over 200 for reps, and at the end of my set put up 225 for good measure. 315 is a LONG way off, but a man needs to have goals.

So sit back, grab a Myoplex and welcome to the NEXT LEVEL!

I dedicate this song to you guys, especially Heath.


Vagabond said...

Boom! I love it!!


I like the blog a lot. Time to follow in the footsteps of Scott Fisher and truly "MAKE IT HAPPEN!" You need to change the settings under comments so we don't have to do word verification to leave comments.

heathbuggs said...

When you say "Crush" do you mean Glen style as in "paper thin" with butt stench all over it?